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Stop By Our Showroom

 You can see the various granite, stone and Quartz we have available.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding price,  installation, etc. We can also get you an estimate on your commercial or  residential project. Granite remnants are also available upon request. 

Schedule A Measure

 Someone from our skilled team will come to your house to take  measurements of the space where your stone will be installed. We also  create a template which will be used in our fabrication process. 


 We use state of the art equipment to provide quality countertops for you  and your home. As fabricators, we take the polished/honed stone that  you select and inspect, and cut and polish the edges. We do not polish  the face - that finish comes from the quarry. Granite and marble is a  natural product and therefore is not under warranty. As a buyer, please  be aware of common characteristics such light or dark mineral deposits  created during the formation of the stone, color and texture variations  like small pattern clusters next to large pattern clusters, and small  fissures which appear to be cracks and are natural to the stone 


 Once your project is fabricated, our team will come to your house to  install your new countertops. We will clean up our mess and leave you  with your beautiful, new granite countertops. 

 At Newport Design, we have very  high standards. From your initial visit to installation, we strive to  exceed your expectations as we want everything to go as smoothly as  possible. Stop in today! 

 Please Note: Newport Design covers  installation only - there is no warranty on the material itself. Our  warranty extends one year and covers any seams you may have. Avoid  putting excess weight or pressure around your sink or cooktop, this may  result in a crack which will not be under warranty. Always use a ladder  or step-stool to clean windows or change light bulbs. The granite  countertops you receive from Newport Design will be sealed at the time  of installation. We recommend they be resealed every six months. This is  an easy application - just apply the sealer on a clean cloth and apply  evenly on your countertops. Allow the sealer to penetrate, then remove  any haze if necessary. There are also everyday stone cleaners that can  be used to help maintain the surface's shine. This attention to your  countertops will keep them looking beautiful for years to come, allowing  you to truly appreciate them. A sincere thank you from Newport Design  for selecting us for your stone needs.